5 Jobs in Mezzo Level Social Work

When you enter a social work program, you might want to look at some of the jobs in this field including jobs in mezzo level social work. Social work jobs fall into three categories. Micro jobs include those working with one person or several people, and macro jobs include jobs working with large groups. Mezzo jobs are those that let you work with a small group of people instead of with a larger group or individual clients.

Rehabilitation Specialist

One of the jobs in mezzo level social work that might interest you is a job as a rehabilitation specialist. These men and women work in rehabilitation centers that provide physical rehab to those recovering from an injury or an illness. You might work with a recent heart attack victim or someone injured in a car accident. Rehabilitation specialists help patients recover and arrange for the help they need at home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for rehabilitation specialists is around $34,000 a year.

Parenthood Educator

Social workers often investigate claims of child abuse or neglect and decide whether there is enough evidence to remove a child from his or her home. The parents of those children may need to attend parenthood classes that teach them how to care for their children and what they shouldn't do. With a degree in social work, you might accept a position as an educator and lead these classes. Depending on where you live and work, your class size may range from just a handful of people to more than 20 parents.

Support Group Counselor

Support group counselors are among the most coveted jobs in mezzo level social work. Support groups allow people struggling with the same issues or going through the same problems to come together and talk with others in similar situations. A cancer survivors group might feature people who survived bone, breast or another type of cancer, while other groups provide help to victims of childhood sexual abuse or domestic abuse. Though the members will have the chance to talk and share their feelings, they often need a counselor to open up meetings and help them stay on track.

Drug and Alcohol Specialist

If you want to help those suffering from addictions to drugs or alcohol, you might use your social work degree and become a drug and alcohol specialist. Many of these specialists work in treatment centers that let patients spend a weekend or months getting help. Instead of offering private counseling sessions, you'll run group sessions. These sessions may have five people talking about their feelings or feature more than 10 people hoping to talk through their issues. Drug and alcohol specialists can also talk about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in local schools.

Community Group Leader

Working as a community group leader is one of the most popular jobs in mezzo level social work. Community group leaders help small groups of people in a city or county come to terms with a specific issue. You might meet with people to inform them that an infected partner listed them as someone they slept with or with a small group suffering from diabetes. Community group leaders can also run special programs to talk with those in the city about new safety laws, how they can report child abuse or what they should do in an emergency.

Though you might work with a government agency after completing your social work degree, you can work in a range of other positions too. The top jobs in mezzo level social work let you work with small groups of people every day.

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