5 In-Demand Careers in Social Work in Child Welfare

5 Child Welfare Jobs in Social Work

  • Child Protective Specialist
  • Family Case Manager
  • Social Service Assistant
  • School Counselor
  • Behavioral Counselor

The helping profession offers vast opportunities for those who love helping people, and careers in social work in child welfare is an area that is diverse and continually growing. There are many ways social workers can specifically assist children and their families. It's a great career path for those who want to assist in meeting the developmental needs of kids of all ages. Read on to discover more about the types of jobs available in child and family social work.

Featured Social Work Programs

1. Child Protective Specialist

Child Protective Specialists are charged with investigating case of abuse or neglect involving children. Their work together with families and community resources to ensure children are safe and to help families gain the skills and accommodations they need to provide a healthy environment. These professionals are tasked with visiting homes in order to process investigations. They assess the risks within the dynamic in order to make a decision regarding the child's best interests. In addition, they help to coordinate the interventions necessary to keep families together. They are also responsible for removing clients from the home when deemed necessary.

2. Family Case Manager

Family case managers work with families to identify their needs and strengths. They then create a plan to best meet those needs, emphasizing the identified strengths. Case managers help to connect families with resources in their communities. They also assess the family's progress and provide consistent review to ensure things are on the right track. If necessary, treatment plans can be revised based on progress or lack thereof.

3. Social Service Assistant

Another of the top careers in social work in child welfare is social service assistant, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Social service assistants work with social workers to help clients access needed services within their communities. They may also help to develop a treatment plan and to determine client needs. They take on a research role in finding services, assist clients to complete paperwork and work to coordinate these services. In addition, these assistants are often hands-on providers in helping with daily living tasks when needed.

4. School Counselor

School counselors may work at any grade level, elementary through high school. They provide students with academic counseling, administer testing and assessments, provide personal counseling and work with families to ensure needed services are provided to meet a student's individual needs. They act as a liaison between teachers and families, as well. In addition, these professionals may work to coordinate services with community agencies that students require. They also maintain compliance with educational laws and complete necessary paperwork.

5. Behavioral Counselor

A behavior counselor can work in a number of different settings, including clinics, community organizations, schools and in the home. They work with children and families to pinpoint behavioral issues that are causing their client difficulty. They then create a treatment plan to address the problem or presenting issues. They provide behavioral intervention, teach relevant skills and oversee other aspects of treatment plan implementation. These counselors provide regular updates to families, their agency and insurance companies. They monitor progress and make adjustments when needed.

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There are a number of ways social workers can benefit children. These are just some of the more common careers in social work in child welfare.