5 Jobs For Human Sexuality Program Graduates

With the ever-evolving attitude toward the sexualities of men and women in society, the current positive energy makes this the perfect time to consider a career in human sexuality. Graduates of this program can look forward to a wide range of job opportunities that includes both the public and private sectors. From research to education to policy avocation, this degree provides many different options for recent graduates.

Here are 5 potential jobs for human sexuality program graduates:

1. Public health worker

As the healthcare industry continues to divide the population between those who can pay and those who cannot, public health workers focused on sexuality education and care are among the most important advocates. No where is this more evident than in the care of HIV and AIDS patients needing assistance. Public health workers are needed in both in-patient and out-patient care centers. Recent graduates may find their ideal career as a public health worker who educates men and women about the transmission and dangers of this condition or as one who provides treatment.

2. Reproductive health specialist

Human sexuality degree-holders are also uniquely qualified to work in the field of reproductive health. Although not physicians trained to deal with specific medical conditions, these specialists can conduct research about human sexuality issues, provide important outreach and education programs and train the public about proper prevention tactics for sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. Many reproductive health specialists work in public school systems or on college campuses in collaboration with groups such as Planned Parenthood. In addition to these prevention-type public programs, human sexuality graduates also work in fertility clinics to provide counseling and encouragement.

3. Public policy advocate

The current spotlight on LGBTQ rights, human trafficking and reproductive groups such as Planned Parenthood make public policy regarding human sexuality more important than ever. Recent graduates from this program may find themselves drawn to the political arena where they can join the fight for more rights and freedoms for these groups. These individuals may lobby, or they may look to raise awareness for victims of sexual abuse. Whether working with a nonprofit group, a law firm or as a government liaison, public policy advocates dedicate themselves to both education and affecting legislative change.

4. Sex therapist

Following in the footsteps of such popular and recognizable sex therapists as Dr. Ruth, human sexuality graduates may find themselves drawn to this field. Although many sex therapists carry doctorate degrees or joint certification in psychology, this field provides counseling and support for individuals dealing with sexual identity issues, abusive sexual relationships and many other human sexuality problems. These instances may involve medical, psychological or even communications concerns, all of which must be handled by these human sexuality graduates. Sex therapists work in private practices, larger medical facilities and schools, hoping to improve the lives of those struggling with sex-related issues.

5. Academia and research specialists

Graduates with a doctorate degree in human sexuality are able to return to university academia to teach others about this impressive field, while those just out of bachelor programs are more likely to participate in research. Both opportunities allow specialization in areas such as gender studies, LGBTQ awareness and human reproduction. Many researches design and complete complex studies that are published in scientific journals and literary reviews seeking writing about topics related to human sexuality. The results of these important studies are then examined and discussed in academia and applied through counseling and therapy sessions.

Career possibilities abound for recent human sexuality program graduates. With jobs that range from delving into research and academia to buckling down on public policy inconsistencies, there has been no better time to complete this degree.

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