5 Facebook Pages for Social Workers

Liking and following some of the best Facebook pages for social workers can change the way you think about your job. As one of the top social networking sites on the web, Facebook lets you make new friends, share posts and follow other pages. Some of the top social work pages can help you form professional connections and stay on top of news.

National Association of Social Workers

If you like and follow only one page, make it the National Association of Social Workers Facebook page. This is the leading professional organization for social workers in the country today. The NASW follows all ethical standards to ensure that it only posts appropriate content. You'll find links to useful articles on how to avoid common online scams and articles about the mental health of famous people. This Facebook page also features information on online mental health counseling and how these sites can change what social workers do.

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The New Social Worker

Another helpful Facebook page to follow is The New Social Worker. Also called The Social Workers Career Magazine, it is the official Facebook page for that publication. Though you won't find full articles from that magazine on the site, you will find helpful tips that you can use in your job as well as tips designed to help you change careers or land a new job. The Facebook page also includes photos and videos that are safe for viewing at work and info on important dates like World AIDS Day.

Social Workers Unite

The founders of Social Workers Unite created this Facebook page as a way for social workers to talk about the issues facing them and for those professionals to find ways to come together and help the general public. Many of the posts that you see talk about the inequality that some groups experience in the country, but other posts share links to news articles on court decisions and protests taking place across the country. You'll also find helpful information on how you can help groups in your own area and how you can join other organizations that support some of those groups.

Social Work With Groups

If you host group counseling sessions or work with small groups, you should follow Social Work With Groups. This Facebook page discusses issues relating to specific groups like the importance of wearing safety gear when playing football and how certain groups are more susceptible to addiction. Some of the posts this page shares link to articles on how social workers can reduce their anxiety and how to pick the right college for a Master's in Social Work. You can like and share any of those posts.

Social Work Today

Even if you don't have a subscription to Social Work Today, you should make this one of the Facebook pages for social workers that you follow. It is one of the top publications for social workers. According to the Social Work Today Facebook page, it is a bimonthly magazine that features articles on improving the work that social workers do. The Facebook page includes useful links to conferences for social workers, changes to federal laws and advances in mental health counseling. You can also view the covers of new issues and order digital versions of current issues of the magazine.

Social workers can work for government departments and in different types of facilities. As you work with different groups of people, you can use the web to find tips and tricks on working with your clients. Some of the best Facebook pages for social workers include useful information and links to helpful online articles.