5 Audiobooks Social Workers Will Like

Audiobooks for social workers are a great means of information and insight for those working in the profession. Which ones in particular are of the greatest value to those in this field? Follow along as we take a look at five great choices in the specific area of audiobooks for social workers.

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? – Jeanette Winterson

Social workers deal with many matters of personal and familial interest. These matters can often be emotionally charged, requiring the utmost insight and ability to professionally work with and resolve. Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? is a living testament to a wide range of these different experiences.

The story revolves around the tumult of author, Jeanette Winterson's childhood, family changes, tragedy, and more. Winterson is a prize-winning, highly renowned expert and author of many coveted books. Her personal insights and prize-winning writing style combine here to provide today's social worker with a valuable, raw look at common problems faced by children today.

Double Double: A Dual Memoir of Alcoholism – Ken Grimes, Martha Grimes

Drug abuse and alcohol abuse are issues quite commonly encountered by social workers. Dealing with these issues is never easy. Of the many audiobooks for social workers out there, few focus so well on the specific topic of alcoholism.

As this audiobook's title suggests, it is a memoir of two people entrenched in the struggles of alcoholism. The sufferers, the authors tell their very personal tale of dependence, deterioration, realization, and overcoming. Any social worker looking to become more keen on this topic is well-served by this particular audiobook.

Three Little Words: A Memoir – Ashley Rhodes-Courter

The next in our recommended list of audiobooks for social workers was written by Ashley Rhodes-Courter, herself a victim to the pitfalls of an ailing child foster system. In her memoir, Rhodes-Courter gives a valuable glimpse of her life as a child moving in and out of some 14 different foster homes. She then goes on to give powerful insights on overcoming the psychological toll taken by the less-than-perfect system. Social workers dealing with foster and adoption matters in particular are highly encouraged to read or listen to this impactful story.

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Breaking Night – Liz Murray

Breaking Night speaks a theme close to the heart of every social worker – success despite great adversity. In this tell-all experience, author, Liz Murray brings the reader along on a moving journey of drug-addicted parents, deplorable filth, failed, system-based intervention, and the absolute bottoming-out of homelessness with little hope for better. Murray's tale is that of her own childhood. Not to leave the reader concerned though, Murray tells the amazing story of overcoming these odds and eventually becoming a well-established, well-educated, and well-respected person. With elements from just about every area of social work today, Breaking Night is a great among all audiobooks for social workers and the like.

To Die Well – Joseph Glenmullen, Sidney Wanzer

For social workers that work within the many applications of elderly social work, To Die Well is an eye-opening look at some of the most touching and sensitive matters faced by the elderly. Subject matter including pain management, euthanasia, general comfort, and familial relationships in the elderly is all included and analyzed. Ethics and protocol are also main, underlying concerns expressed by authors Glenmullen and Wanzer. This audiobook may touch on some of life's most difficult questions, but it is of definite value to the social worker enveloped with these matters on a daily basis.

Social workers play an important role in the overall health of society from day to day. Any service to these professionals is a service to all of us. These five, great choices in audiobooks for social workers and the like provide just that perfect, additional bit of helpful support and insight.