5 Apps for Social Workers

Social workers are responsible for ensuring the general health and safety of their clients, and some of those professionals use apps for social workers to make their jobs a little easier. Some of these apps help them better organize their case studies, but others help them stay updated on new research in the field. Students enrolled in social work programs may want to learn more about these apps.

The Savvy Social Worker App

The School of Social Work at the University of Buffalo ranks as one of the nation's top programs. Students and professors worked together to create The Savvy Social Worker App. Regarded as one of the best apps for social workers, it finds and shares research and studies done by some of the top organizations in the country, including Information for Practice and the Campbell Collaboration. Users can even create channels and view research and articles relating to a specific field of social work.

Grasshopper Apps

Social Work Today recommends that professionals looks for apps for social workers that they can use in the field like those from Grasshopper Apps. This media company makes apps designed for younger kids like Spelling Bee, which turns spelling words into a fun and useful game. It also produces apps that help kids learn to read popular books. According to professionals interviewed by Social Work Today, these apps can help kids feel more comfortable while in the office and can help social workers form a better connection or relationship with younger clients.


Not all apps for social workers are those designed specifically for those working in this field. Some provide help to any professionals who work in the field. Waze is one of the top GPS apps because it functions in the same way that a standalone GPS unit in a car might work. It provides users with detailed directions to the addresses they list. The app also notifies them of any hazards or road closures on their chosen routes and provides a fastest route option. Waze is a great app for those who spend a lot of time meeting with clients in their homes.

Northwoods Compass CoPilot

Social workers who spend time working in a home office and in the field need an app that lets them keep track of all their data while on the road. One of the best apps for them is Northwoods Compass CoPilot. This app actually uses the camera on a user's phone and records any photographs or videos taken in the field. It can also access the detailed reports that social workers create while working outside of the office. Users can then access all their work, including any work done in the office, via the app. It uses a password protected system to keep client information confidential too.

Fluid Monkey

Social work is a highly stressful career, and some workers actually burn out after spending just a few years working in this field because they do not know how to effectively manage their stress. Fluid Monkey is one of the top apps for social workers looking to manage and reduce their stress. This app provides users with a serene scene and soft music that puts them in a relaxed frame of mind. They can then distract themselves via the small buttons that appear on the screen.

Social workers can work with children or adults and work in locations ranging from hospitals to government agencies. Those working in this field use some of the best apps for social workers as a way to organize their cases, reduce their stress and work with their clients.

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