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Alaska's reputation as a hiding spot for rich reserves that serve as vast repositories of scarce natural resources is no secret. Besides those high profile low-lying assets, Alaska has many less-known but far more priceless attributes: its people.

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Initial exposure to extreme social warmth just beneath Alaska's sheer icy veneer invariably induces surprise for some. Likewise, most folks are quite surprised learn of Alaska's firm historical focus on higher learning. Modern technology is a tremendous help to maximize infinite human potential via optimized access to well-organized networks of social education throughout America's "Last Frontier."

University of Alaska –Anchorage ("UAA")

College of Health and Social Welfare, School of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work Program ("BSW")

This undergraduate Social Work degree program has a stated mission of preparing generalist social work practitioners who improve the general well-being of those they serve, especially Alaskan clients. Students may learn the critical concepts and skills to affect this admirable aim through on-campus classes or via online studies. The curriculum consists of 120 required credits divided among four coursework categories as follows:

  • General Education – 34 credits
  • Liberal Arts Foundation – 9 credits
  • Core Courses – 55 credits
  • General Electives – 22 credits.

In harmony with its above-stated general mission, the program has the following specific learning objectives:

• Professional competency in various entry-level positions across a broad clientele base, especially in Alaska
• Commitment to enhancing the well-being of fellow humans
• Commitment to promoting universal economic and social equity , most particularly for Alaskans
• Instilling the ethical principles and ideological values of the social work profession
• Preparing to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery service schemes
• Providing skilled, knowledgeable assistance to diverse clientele to gain knowledge and develop skills

Master of Social Work Program ("UAA MSW")

Like its above-described academic subordinate, the UAA MSW program has a primary mission of preparing top-tier generalist social work practitioners who contribute to the general welfare by promoting economic and social equity.

As such, each separate built-in component of the UAA MSWM curriculum has a bent for building knowledge of the theoretical, modular, and methodological aspects of social work practice. Among other essential program agendas are imparting competence, integrity, and personal commitment to professional missions, diversity appreciation, and advocacy on behalf of disadvantaged at-risk clientele.

Despite having mutual identical designs in mind, the UAA MSW curriculum has two components:

Foundation Year–This route to an MSW feature 32 credits and the only path to program completion for scholars with a seven-year prior absence from undergrad commencement exercises at an accredited institution. As its name implies, students must complete, waive, or test in lieu of all mandatory first-year coursework.

Concentration Curriculum–This 31-credit course of study is a uniform imposition on all UAA MSW pursuers. Its Individual ingredients include both deep and wide advanced instruction in generalist social work practice. Based on prior educational and/or professional history, some BSW holders may bypass the Foundational Year via direct admission.


UAA holds regional accreditation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities ("NCCU"). The Council on Social Work Education ("CSWE") accredits both the BSW and MSW programs.


The UAA School of Social Work
3211 Providence Drive
Gordon Hartlieb Hall Room 106 (GHH 106)
Anchorage, Alaska 99508
Phone: (907) 786-6900
E-mail: [email protected]
Website URL –

University of Alaska Fairbanks ("UAF")

Department of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work Program ("BSW")

A complete assembly of all 123 contingents in the BSW curriculum serves double duty on-campus and online. No matter the time or place of study, this academic program is a credit to UAF's well-deserved claim to fame in education delivery innovations. The Social Work Cohort is an especially prized tool of time-proven effective means of advancing UAF agendas to turn career advancement dreams into realities for rural Alaskans.

Distant learners from far and wide within Alaska's wilderness travel for a brief stay in Fairbanks at the beginning and end of each semester. Each pilgrimage purposes to convey concentrated classroom instruction and build bonds among widely disbursed classmates that serve as emotional and educational support systems. During the intervening time interval, audio conferences substitute for in-person class attendance. "Home grown" Alaskan social workers are the product of this calculated collision between western and conventional learning. By mere existence, those same professionals fulfill the fundamental modular mission of their educational preparation.


UAF is NCCU-accredited; both its on-campus and online Social Work Cohort BSW programs are CSWE-accredited.


Retchenda George-Bettisworth, LMSW
Department Chair/Clinical Assistant Professor/Statewide Coordinator for the UAF Department of Social Work Cohort
UAF Dept. of Social Work
P.O. Box 756480
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6480
Phone: (907) 474-7025
Fax: (907) 474-2712
Email: [email protected]
Website URL: