What are Some Good Internships for Social Work Majors?

social workerA career in social work is a noble profession, helping you to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Social workers help people to gain access to services that help them live more productive lives and enjoy stability and self-sufficiency. The first step in becoming a social worker is to embark on a course of study that will prepare you for this career path. Taking an internship is a great way to get hands on experience in the field.

Non-Profit Organization Internships

There are many non-profit organizations that serve the disenfranchised. These organizations provide them with resources to help them to maintain their health and welfare. Homelessness prevention organizations, food pantries and health advocacy organizations often offer internship programs for social work majors. At these agencies, you will learn how to identify vulnerable populations and provide them with resources. In addition, you will learn how to develop programs, manage fundraising and plan events. Non-profit organizations usually have a strong need for skilled staff, so finding an internship with a non-profit should be the easiest route to take.

Child Protective Services Internships

Helping children lead safe and happy lives is paramount to a successful society. Social work interns often work closely with children's services workers to place abandoned children in foster homes, facilitate adoptions and reunite families. They may help the child's parents enroll in parenting classes, substance abuse programs and secure housing. These internships offer hands-on experience and will prepare you for a career advocating for children.

The Criminal Court System

Social workers often work closely with defense attorneys to create profiles of people accused of crimes. These social workers often delve into the lives of the accused to identify factors that led to criminal activity. In some cases, these skilled social workers are able to identify programs that will assist the accused in turning away from criminal behavior. They may recommend substance abuse programs and mental health services that will help rehabilitate offenders. These internships will give you hands on training in analyzing behavior and recommending positive solutions.

Geriatric Programs

Senior citizens often struggle with issues that are unique to those in their age group. In addition to age-related health issues, they often suffer from the loss of family support, depression and loneliness. Social workers on site in retirement homes often counsel the elderly and assist them with getting the support they need to live full lives. Social work interns will learn to communicate with the elderly and provide them with adequate support.

Public Welfare Programs

Social work interns often find many opportunities for learning programs in public welfare agencies. These agencies will teach you to provide resources to the impoverished. As an intern, you will learn to manage nutritional benefits, housing allowances and cash grants to needy individuals and families. These internships will prepare you for public service positions that are designed to help those in need.

There are many great organizations that offer internships for social work majors. Whether you want to work on site at a school, help criminal defendants restore their lives or assist aging seniors, there are many people that will benefit from your help. Find the best internship program and get started today.

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