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Social Work Degree Programs at Xavier

Xavier University appears in our ranking of the 35 Best Value Christian Colleges with CSWE-accredited Programs.

The Department of Social Work at Xavier University offers both a bachelor's program and a minor in social work. It designed the minor program for those who want to study another area of social science such as sociology or psychology. Students take just 18 credits of courses such as Child Welfare and Development and Survey of Society in Social Work to complete the minor. They must also formally declare the minor with the department, which typically involves meeting with an advisor and filling out some paperwork.

Xavier also offers a bachelor's program in social work that requires more work on the part of its students. Though students can take one or more social work classes in their freshman years, they cannot formally declare a social work major until they are sophomores. They must meet with the department chair who will assign them an advisor. Only those with a 2.5 grade point average or higher can declare a social work major. They must also maintain that GPA to do fieldwork in their junior years. Xavier offers this program as an adult and professional education program, which is open to students who are at least 24 years old.

Social work majors must take a minimum of 53 credits of major classes. They'll take courses that include Introduction to Gender and Diversity Studies, Values, Poverty and Society and Religion, Ethics and Professional Practice. They will also take Social Work Practice courses to learn more about working with organizations, groups, and individuals. This program also features two Field Instruction courses and a research paper that students submit at the end of their senior years. Xavier University social work majors earn up to 12 credits for their fieldwork.

About Xavier University

Xavier University is a private university that ranks as one of the best schools in the Midwest. Established in 1831, it opened as a small college for men that had an affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. That makes it one of the oldest Catholic schools in the Midwest and in the nation. It also has an affiliation with the Jesuits. After the Society of Jesuits took over operations of the school, they renamed it St. Xavier College. It didn't become Xavier University until the 1930s. Xavier saw its enrollment grow as it changed its admissions policy to admit female students and after adding both doctoral and graduate programs. The Xavier campus now sits on more than 190 acres of land just outside of Cincinnati.

U.S. News and World Report ranks Xavier as the fourth best university in the Midwest. It also ranks on other lists due to the amount of money donated by its alumni and the number of students who complete their degree programs. Forbes included the university on its lists of the best colleges in the Midwest, the top private schools in the nation and the best colleges in the country. The university also ranks as one of the largest private colleges in Ohio. It has a total enrollment of more than 2,100 graduate and doctoral students and more than 4,400 undergrads.

Xavier University Accreditation Details

The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS), which is part of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), granted regional accreditation to Xavier University. This is a type of accreditation that allows students to submit the FAFSA when applying for financial aid. They can also transfer credits earned in high school or at another university. Xavier is one of the only schools in Ohio with accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) too. CSWE accreditation applies to the university's full undergrad program and to any fieldwork that students do for course credit.

Xavier University Application Requirements

More than 70% of the undergrads who submit applications to Xavier every year receive acceptance letters. Though the university has a high acceptance rate, it looks for students who meet all its admissions requirements. This includes following a high school college prep curriculum that includes four years of English classes and at least two years of a foreign language. The university expects students to take math and both social and life science classes too.

The application goes live on August 1 every year. Those who submit their applications by December 1 will receive a response before Christmas. Students who also want to apply for scholarships must submit their applications by February 15. The university charges a $35 application fee that is due when the student submits the application online. It will also accept applications through the Common Application site and paper applications sent through the mail.

Xavier also asks for several others things from prospective students, including an official high school transcript. Students currently enrolled in high school can submit an unofficial transcript as part of the application process. They must also submit an official test score from either the SAT or the ACT and a counselor recommendation form. Xavier requires that students print off this form and have a guidance counselor fill it out and send it back.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergrads hoping to major in social work at Xavier University often want to know how much the university charges for tuition and any other fees they face. The basic cost that all students pay is $19,150 per year, which includes the base tuition rate and all miscellaneous fees. Students will also pay more than $5,000 a year for room and board. The total cost for an undergrad who wants to live on the Xavier campus is around $25,600 a year.

The university gives out more than $60 million in financial aid every year. Students can use the FAFSA and find out if they qualify for any government grants and to borrow money in the form of student loans. They can also apply for one of the many different scholarships that are available from the university itself. Xavier offers scholarships for students with strong academic backgrounds, those majoring in select fields, students who are in ROTC and those who are the children of alumni. Each scholarship has its own application and may ask for samples of a student's work or an essay. Students who visit the Xavier University Department of Social Work can learn more about the costs of the program and how Xavier can help them cover those costs.