5 Informative Twitter Feeds About the Refugee Crisis

Following Twitter feeds about the refugee crisis is quite important as anyone may receive small bits of information that tell a whole story. This article offers five Twitter feeds that are helpful, and each one of them will give a picture of the crisis that helps westerners understand what is going on. Someone who wishes to learn about refugees must do their part by reading social media, and they will learn quite a lot from a few feeds of 140 words.

#1: @LizSly

Liz Sly is a columnist who is researching and reporting on the crisis every day. She has her ear to the ground, and she knows what is happening every day that may represent even the smallest shift in the crisis. Her reporting has been lauded many times over, and she publishes through Twitter in a way that feels like true storytelling. Her skills are unmatched, and she has information other reporters do not have.

#2: @Lara

Lara Setrakian is reporting on the crisis from her perspective in the east. She knows the impact that has been made in the area, and she has interviewed many who are leaving or struggling where they stand. The unique perspective of someone with her background and experience ensures readers will learn about the crisis without feeling detached from it. She is on the front lines, and she knows more than most about who is fleeing Syria.

#3: @LailaLalami

Laila Lalami is a novelist who has the eye of a wordsmith on the crisis, and she is willing to talk about the crisis from her perspective as a woman of color and a writer. She writes about what it must be like to feel such fear, and she tells stories that will enliven those who wish to help. The crisis has been terrible for millions, and she is telling stories that will speak to anyone who is paying attention. One may discover her books for the first time, and they may be touched by her stories more than any other.

#4: @NMSyria

NMSyria tells stories from the country that show what it is like to run away in the midst of the crisis. The crisis has been hard on many, and there are daily stories of people who are fleeing or have fled. The carnage in Syria is untold in many ways, and it is documents by NMSyria. The news that is aggregated on the site will help the reader learn quickly what is happening that day, and anyone reading the field will not be detached from the situations. It is hard to ignore such powerful stories.

#5: @BSyria

BSyria is another news service that has been able to pull together stories from the refugee crisis that are occurring every day, and they have published from many different parts of Syria that are in dire need of assistance. They are telling the stories of real people, and they are sharing information that will help change lives for the better. The political and personal stories of BSyria will be quite informative for the avid reader.

The refugee crisis has been reported on in many locations, and these five Twitter feeds are quite helpful. Someone who wishes to read all they can will find each feed compelling.

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