5 Great Twitter Feeds for Social Workers

Whether you're a social work student or a veteran professional in the field, one of the best ways to stay on top of the latest news and views within the profession is to follow Twitter feeds for social workers. Social media offers extensive exposure to views from around the world, all in real time. This capability allows proactive professional the opportunity to be the first to bring emerging best practices to their agency or employer. However, with so many individuals, associations and other professional organizations using the platform, deciding which feeds to follow can be confusing. The following list of five great Twitter feeds for those interested in social work is a great start for a variety of respected sources within the profession.

1. @nasw

This is the official Twitter feed of the National Association of Social Workers, headquartered in Washington, DC. This particular feed is at the top of the list for the simple fact that the NASW is the premier professional association for professional social workers. They offer memberships at all levels, including discounted student rates. Everyone interested in the profession should become a member for the benefits it offers. The NASW twitter feed is a great location to quickly discover the latest information related to the organization, along with news, webinars and opportunities that are relevant to its members.

2. @swhelper.com

This is a feed that may be particularly useful for students of social work. The online publication Social Work Helper provides job listings, networking opportunities and articles about the job search specifically for those within this helping profession. Currently employed social workers can benefit from the publication's Twitter feed also, as networking is one of the best ways to stay abreast of current practices and to gain an edge if you do find yourself conducting a job search in the future.

3. @newsocialworker

Since 1994, The New Social Worker has been providing job leads, education and networking opportunities. First, it was a print publication. Now you can find his respected authority online. The Twitter feed of the New Social Worker not online offers career advice, it also tweets articles of interest across a wide segment of the social work field.

4. @socworkpodcast

This Twitter profile is overseen by Jonathan Singer, a professional in the field who helped to found the first podcast for social workers that's run by actual social workers. It offers wisdom from leaders within the social work professional on a host of issues. Along with links to the podcasts, you'll find tweets to other useful insights.

5. @CSocialWorkEd

The official Council on Social Work Education Twitter feed is where you'll find information from the CSWE, a nonprofit organization that has both individual members, as well as those of higher education institutions. This association is instrumental in the accreditation of respected social work programs at colleges and universities across the country. While it may seem that the tweets found here would be more useful to students, there is actually quite a bit of content that should be of interest to all within the profession. Specially, you'll find information about professional development opportunities for social workers at all levels and of various interests.

If you are involved in the field of social work and are keen to stay informed about your profession, these five Twitter feeds for social workers would be a great starting point in your pursuit of knowledge.

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