5 Great Podcasts About Social Justice

Podcasts have dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years. Since the invention of podcasts in 2004, increasing numbers of podcasts originating from all over the world cover a multitude of topics, interests, and issues of concern to the general public. Here, we'll examine some of the five best Podcasts About Social Justice.

Another Round with Heben Nigatou and Tracy Clayman

Podcasters Heben and Tracy execute the best combination of laughter, drinking, and deep thought in their Another Round podcast. Focusing on feminism and racial justice, these two passionate, dedicated, and hilarious women feature a new guest each week to cover a variety of subjects. If you're looking for insight into the issues that Americans of color, and especially black Americans, face, tune into this podcast that covers everything from black women being forced to adhere to white beauty standards to the politicization of interracial dating.

Intersection With Jamil Smith

Intersectionality is the chief focus of Jamil Smith's podcast, and explores – with the help of regular podcast guests – social justice issues of note where intersectionality is of especial importance. Intersectionality is representative of inclusiveness when it comes to social justice issues – for example, why feminism must include trans women and women of color in order to be truly representative of women's issues. The podcast guests writers, politicians, activists, and many more.

Show About Race

Show About Race is a racial justice-focused podcast hosted by Baratunde Thurston, Raquel Cepeda, and Tanner Colby. This show is a must-listen for any interested in or concerned with racial justice, and learning to discuss race in a meaningful and constructive way. An honest, straightforward, and at times confrontational podcast, it is a must-listen for those interested in its focus topic.

Call Your Girlfriend

A feminist podcast by and for women, this broad-reaching podcast is hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. Ranging in discussion from the stresses of menstruation to the politicization of birth control, this podcast will also provide insight to male listeners who are confused about the goals of feminism and the unique challenges women face.

For Colored Nerds with Eric and Brittany

Hosted by self-identified nerds of color Eric and Brittany, this podcast for and by people of color covers a wide range of topics, from gentrification, feminism, and the ostracizing of people of color to cultural appropriation and mental health issues among American communities of color. Those interested in or concerned about social justice for Americans of color will find this to be an absolute must-listen.

Each of these podcasts provide valuable food for thought and on-point insights and knowledge about social justice issues in the United States. From feminism to racism, from the stigma of mental illness to why trans-exclusionary radical feminism is the enemy of all feminists, each of these podcasts will challenge you to ponder many aspects of your life and what role you play in eliminating oppression in society. These five represent some of the best Podcasts About Social Justice available – tune in as often as you can for valuable lessons on moving our world forward, with justice for all.