5 Great Blogs About Gerontology

Five Gerontology-Related Blogs

  • American Society on Aging
  • The Roaming Boomers
  • The 70-Something Blog
  • Orobouros
  • Transition Aging Parents

Blogs about gerontology are likely to increasingly populate the Internet over the next decade, as baby boomers proceed toward and further into senior status. The field of gerontology covers a variety of aspects of aging, such as physical, mental, emotional, sociological and financial matters. Seniors face a world of new challenges when pushing past the 65-year mark, and thanks to the internet, they can find a universe of support created and nurtured just for them.

There many types of online support for seniors, including social media groups and online forums, but blogs often take a specific aspect of aging, such as "life on the road for senior travelers" or "managing a budget in an assisted living facility." Blogs have a voice, offering something consistent that readers can count on. Explore five great blogs about gerontology that can help ease into the aging process before reigning supreme over it.

1. American Society on Aging

Founded in 1954 as the Western Gerontological Society, the American Society on Aging (ASA) offers seniors a wealth of information on aging with health and dignity. The diverse group that does research and delivers information to seniors works to help improve the quality of life through practical information on matters such as aging and disability, elder abuse prevention, resources on dementia and reframing aging.

2. The Roaming Boomers

The idea of buying a recreational vehicle is, for many seniors, the epitome of "living the dream." The Roaming Boomers happily perform road tests and provide the results for readers. This happy senior couple also operates a travel business, but their blog details their many travels and some of the challenges seniors may face on the road, in the air or at sea. Some highlights include hotel reviews, information about cruises, local dining features and dream trips.

3. The 80-Something Blog

Once known as The 70-Something Blog, The 80-Something Blog picks up where the original leaves off. This fun and friendly blog offers a more personalized account of the aging process. The blogger shares details about surgery and recovery, navigating social media, acting proactively on financial matters and solo living.

4. Ourobourus

For those curious about the purely biological side of aging, Ourobouros will make great reading. It is amazing to see where the amazing journey of life—starting with the glorious perfection and innocence of infancy—takes us all. Ourobouros allows readers to learn more about the various processes to understand why bones sometimes weaken or why some are more susceptible to age-related diseases and disorders, such as dementia, than others. This compendium of the hottest news topics relating to seniors offers a unique way of looking at aging.

5. Transition Aging Parents

Baby boomers and Generation Xers feverishly try to balance their own lives, focused on spouses, children and a career, while also caring for an aging parent, or parents. It is difficult navigating this challenging time, worrying that they are letting some aspect of senior care fall short. Whether their parent is living in their original family home or has moved to an assisted living center, caring adult children need advice, which is where Transition Aging Parents comes into the picture. This blog tackles so many questions and concerns that adult children have about helping their parents age with the right blend of dignity and safety by discussing topics that include finances, faith, enabling devices, arts and entertainment, and housing considerations.

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Gerontology Blogs Abound

These 5 great blogs about Gerontology are only the beginning of the choices for seniors looking for information, support and camaraderie.