5 Conferences for School Social Workers in 2017

School social workers spend a lot of time with students going through serious issues. Those issues may include troubles at home like sexual and physical abuse or problems at school from bullies. They need to understand how to identify the signs of abuse but also how to identify signs of mental conditions like anxiety and depression. Attending one of the upcoming conferences for these social workers and counselors can improve your skills and make you more effective at your job.

5th National Advancing School Social Work Practice Institute

The American Council for School Social Work is behind the 5th National Advancing School Social Work Practice Institute. The event runs from January 30 to February 1 and will take place at Tulane University in New Orleans. Its main focus is on creating schools that are more sensitive to those who went through traumatic events and how those schools can continue operating. The conference will likely include speeches and lectures on fundraising and raising money for those schools, applying for government grants, educating teachers and helping students.

26th Annual Texas School Social Workers Conference

Even if you do not live or work in Texas, you may find it helpful to attend the 26th Annual Texas Social Workers Conference. Running from February 22 through the 24, the conference will take place in Austin at the Doubletree Hotel. You can both register for the event online and book a hotel room at the same time. Some of the workshops running at this conference will help you learn about new methods and techniques that you can use on the job, and you'll also have the chance to hear principals, guidance counselors and other social workers talk about the experiences they had on the job.

SSWR 21st Annual Conference

If you feel concerned for the students in your school, you should make plans to attend the SSWR 21st Annual Conference. The Society for Social Work Research publishes its own journals and highlights the research done by those in the industry. The upcoming conference, schedule to take place January 11 through the 15 in New Orleans, will include lectures and workshops on research into child welfare, child development and similar topics. It gives you the chance to learn more about the risk factors for children today and the risks associated with their futures. You can sign up and learn more about the event on the SSWR official website.

Midwest School Social Work Council Annual Conference

The Midwest School Social Work Council Annual Conference for 2017 is a joint effort with the Ohio Social Work Association and will take place in Cleveland at the Wyndham Cleveland in Playhouse Square. Running October 12-13, it features a theme on the idea of the punishments doled out to students in school. Many of the speakers will discuss how certain punishments can actually interfere with the academic achievements and progress of students.

School Social Work Association of America

One of the top professional organizations for social workers is the School Social Work Association of America. The organization offers members the chance to sign up online and lets you register for conferences online too. It's the organization behind the 20th Annual National School Social Work Conference, which starts March 22 and runs through March 25. It takes place at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina in San Diego, California and will feature guest lecturers from across the country.

Professional conferences are a great way to learn about research in your field and make professional connections. Plan on attending at least one of the 2017 conferences for school social workers.

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