5 Conferences About International Social Work in 2017

International social work is an intrinsically rewarding career and those considering it should know exactly what it involves by attending conferences about it. This human service field focuses on improving people's lives by advocating social justice, helping to make healthcare more accessible to everyone, building a system that protects human rights and promotes humane treatment of all people. International social work aims to heighten awareness and bring on social change in different parts of the world to help all people live a better life.

Society for Social Work and Research 21st Annual Conference: Ensure Healthy Development for all Youth

Starting on January 11, 2017, the Society for Social Work and Research will hold the 21st 5-day Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, which will focus on ensuring the healthy development for all youths. The program includes lectures about research methods and data collection systems, how to design your research study, and being a successful minority social work scholar. The topics that will be discussed include violence against women and children, and adolescent and youth development. US and international members of the society can register.

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San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment

The San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Mistreatment is open to US and international members and will take place in San Diego, California from January 29 through February 3, 2017. The goal of the lectures and trainings involved in strengthening social work is finding ways to implement the latest research to prevent and treat child and family maltreatment while advocating for just prosecution of offenders. Joining or renewing membership is available online, as well as registering for the conference and reserving a hotel room if needed.

The Core Group Global Health Practitioner Conference

The Core Group focuses on advancing community health worldwide and has scheduled a Global Health Practitioner Conference for April 18-21, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland. The theme of the program is Community Health Transitions: Leading for Impact and examines one of the core foundations of international social work, the accessibility of healthcare in disadvantaged populations. The conference focuses on promoting preventative care, treatment, and monitoring of child and adult conditions. working with many associations to bring about social change in the area of healthcare. The group holds various conferences annually.

The Network for Social Work Management Annual Conference

The annual conference will take place in New York New York on June 14-16, 2017. Leaders, researchers, experts, and experienced US and international contributors to global social work and human service will share their management strategies with aspiring leaders of the field and those seeking professional development. Any member can attend this event that includes presentations and workshops regardless of their current educational level. The annual conference allows you to network with US and social work managers. Registration and membership applications are available on the association's website.

Children in a World of Opportunities: Innovations in research, policy and practice

The 6th Conference of the International Society for Child Indicators is scheduled for June 28-30, 2017 and will be held in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. Experts will present on the latest research findings for improving the quality of life for children and families. The organization is run locally and allows all professionals in the field to share knowledge, research, and experience. You can register for the conference online that is open to Canadian and international members and nonmembers from varying levels of social work experience.

Social work on an international level is a very broad field that allows you to choose the area of social work you want to specialize in. Attending a conference is a great way to develop skills as an international social worker and to network with other professionals.