What is Mezzo Social Work?

Are you interested in learning more about Mezzo social work? If you are studying to become a social worker, it is important to learn about the different levels of social work that exist and how these levels differ from one another. In a practical setting, social work is divided into three different categories which include: macro, mezzo, and micro. The macro level will involve intervening on a large scale which can impact communities and not single individuals. The micro social work level, which is often classified as the most common type of practice, involves working directly with an individual or a family. The mezzo level falls right in between the macro and micro levels, and involves working with smaller groups and and institutions. Read on and learn more about you will do when practicing mezzo social work.

Who Will a Social Worker Practicing on a Mezzo Level Work With?

While a social worker can practice on a micro, macro, or mezzo level with the same degree, it is important for professionals within this field to choose the vocation that they would like to pursue. This is important because the nature of the job, the roles as a social work, and the responsibilities on each level are very different. If you decide that the mezzo level of sociology interests you the most, you may work with a variety of different clients from small to medium-sized businesses, schools, local organizations, neighborhoods, and other small groups.

Instead of working with an individual or a familial group to promote individual change, you will work with groups to focus on promoting cultural or institutional change. Because social workers practicing mezzo work face unique challenges, they generally will have experience in both micro and macro work and use this experience in tandem. You will need to be experienced with both interpersonal relations and community involvement when you choose this level of work.

How to Become a Social Worker

If you are interested in practicing mezzo level social work you will need to complete a formal training program. Most states have their own requirements for licensing, but not all states require that social workers be licensed. The first step in getting involved in mezzo level interventions is to earn your social work degree. A Bachelor's in Social Work will help you get your foot in the door, but you may also be able to study for a degree in Psychology. Once you have your BSW, the next step will be earning a Master's where you will become a master in different levels of social work. Once you graduate, you will need to apply to become licensed. There are generally educational and work experience requirements that you need to meet before you can take the written exam for licensing. After you pass the exam, you can receive your state licensing where a license is required.

You must consider the environment and clientele you would like to work with when you are a social worker. If you want a more intimate relationship, micro social work may be right for you. If you would like to deal with relationships and a community setting, mezzo level work will intertwine aspects of both practices. Be sure to compare a day in the life of all workers, and see if mezzo social work is the best option for you.

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