What Does a Geriatric Care Manager Do?

geriatric-care-managerIf you have a passion for the elderly and have considered working within the health industry, a career as a geriatric care manager might be perfect for you.

Although broadly defined, the term "geriatric care manager" is generally used to reference a health and human services representative who assists families in caring for their elderly relatives. These individuals are educated and experienced in one of several fields pertaining to care management such as gerontology, nursing, psychology, and social work. They specialize in issues that pertain to elderly care and safety.

Geriatric Care Manager Job Description

The geriatric care manager has a variety of responsibilities, and they are almost always related to assisting elderly clients so that they can operate at the highest level of holistic health possible. To accomplish this objective, geriatric care managers do all that they can to encourage the patient's independence while simultaneously addressing and resolving any safety or security issues that may emerge. Proficient geriatric care managers can address a wide range of subjects that pertain to their client's well-being. Additionally, they possess a holistic understanding of the availability, quality, and costs of the local resources available to enhance the quality of the client's life.

Roles and Responsibilities

Some of the roles and responsibilities of the geriatric care manager will include:

•Identifying problems and the need for services by conducting care plan assessments
•Researching and monitoring in-home care services
•Working to insure the preservation of the client's assets
•Providing counseling and support while also offering crisis intervention
•Operating as a liaison for families that provide long-distance care while also ensuring that things run smoothly
•Offering the client and their family consumer education and advocacy services
•Assisting with the client's move into or away from a retirement center or nursing care facility

Education and Experience

In discussing educational requirements to become a geriatric care manager, the Virginia Navigator pointed out that there aren't any specific licensing requirements involved in becoming a geriatric care manager. However, they go on to point out that these individuals obtain graduate degrees in social work, gerontology and nursing. Thus, they have gained the appropriate license within these respective fields. The governing body for the geriatric care management, called the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, has also outlined specific standards of practice and ethical guidelines for members.

Payment for Services

Generally, geriatric care managers will charge an hourly fee for the services they offer. In most cases, they are paid out of pocket by their clients. Rates for geriatric care services will typically range anywhere from $50-$200 each hour. In some instances, care management services (like those provided by a non-profit organization like the Jewish Family Services or an Area Agency on Aging) will be provided for a reduced cost. There are also cases in which the services will be provided for free.

Individuals who have considered pursuing a career in the geriatric care management field should know that doing so can bring a plethora of personal benefits and professional advantages.

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