What Careers are in Macro-level Social Work?

Social work is a broad field among the helping professions, and careers in macro-level social work are a sub-category in this field that benefits much of society. However, lots of people may not understand what this type of social work is all about. Macro-level social work, of simply macro social work, refers to managing large-scale societal problem. It examines change at the levels of local, state and federal government. Areas that fall under this umbrella include organizational development, community program implementation, policy analysis and social work research. Read on to learn more about some common jobs within this field.

Research Associates and Analysts

These professionals work in research settings like universities. Research analysts and associates study the effects of macro, or large-scale, problems on societal groups. They also take those findings and share them with professionals such as educators, clinical social workers, program leaders and others so that they can better help the populations they serve. Problem identification, soliciting funding for research, data collection, testing, writing up the findings and publishing reports are all part of the job.

Program Development Specialist

People depend upon various social service programs at all levels. Program development specialists are charged with creating such programs. They develop, launch and review programs related to issues like prison re-entry, elder care and socialization, career development and disability support. These specialists may work for universities, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, human rights groups or public health departments, among other such employers.

Community Educators

Large-scale programs aimed at making changes and providing education to communities are needed. The people who design and share these programs are community educators. They address societal and culture issues such as obesity, substance abuse, resource allocation, job training and unemployment assistance, among others. These professionals also ensure the effectiveness of their programs by evaluating them through feedback from users so that they can continually improve the delivery of these initiatives.

Human Services Specialists

Human services specialist is one of the careers in macro-level social work that can also be performed at the micro level. On a smaller scale, or micro level, these workers are direct service practitioners who provide assistance to populations regarding a variety of issues that personally affect them. At the larger-scale macro level, human services specialists are employed in settings like educational institutions, government agencies, human services organizations and public health centers to deliver large-scale services or programs to vulnerable citizens. At the macro level, these workers guide program development, interpret policy, provide organizational support and perform other such activities that are required to ensure change happens for entire communities in addition to serving individual members.

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These are just some of the jobs you'll find on the broader scale of the helping professions. A lot happens behind the scenes to ensure that communities and societal groups thrive and receive the resources they need. It's macro social workers who perform these duties in various capacities and settings. Careers in macro-level social work are nearly as diverse as the groups these professionals serve.