Are Online Social Work Degrees Respected in the Job Market?

If you are looking to earn a social work degree online, take comfort in knowing that online programs are well respected in the working world as long as they are accredited. You also need to remember that employers of those with social work degree will not necessarily look at the school the degree is earned through or the way in which the degree was earned. Instead, employers will want to see licensure.

Online Social Work Degree Rankings

Online Social Work Training

If you have children and/or are already a working professional, you will definitely enjoy being able to earn your social work degree online. This type of program can be entered into by anyone who possesses a high school diploma or something to its equivalency. In some instances, you may have to complete certain general education courses before being admitted into an online program. Such courses tend to include college algebra, English and other classes relating to math and science.


Most online social work programs will require you to complete some type of fieldwork experience before being eligible to graduate. You will not be able to complete this work via the Internet; however, as a social work student, your status should help you secure some type of entry-level social work position. Such a position can usually be found at a school, hospital, social welfare office and more. This internship may or may not be paid, and it will most likely last anywhere from six to 12 months. Taking part in the fieldwork will provide you with a great opportunity to get your foot into the door of a local social work organization.

Online Social Work Degree Program Coursework

The coursework that you will complete during your online social work degree program will probably take somewhere between 30 to 48 months to finish. It is during your last year of study that you will take part in your fieldwork; however, if you want to secure an entry-level position before this time, this is completely alright as long as you can effectively complete your coursework. As an online student, you will most likely take courses focusing on the following social work topics:

– Social policy
– Public health
– Ethics
– Intervention
– Intro to social work
– Managed care
– Substance abuse
– Health care topics
– Family behavior
– Treatment plans
– Research methods
– Abnormal psychology
– Mental health
– Social psychology

After you earn your social work degree online, there are many career paths that you can follow. In fact, with this degree being so well-respected in the working world, you will be able to become a substance abuse counselor, public health aide, child welfare worker or even a peer counselor.

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